Academic Advising Mission, Vision, Goals & Outcomes

Vision Statement

UNI aspires to create the best possible advising experience for each student.

Mission Statement

Academic Advising is a critical component of the teaching and learning environment at UNI. Advising is a personalized educational experience, empowering students to explore, articulate and achieve their academic, career and life goals.

Academic Advising Goals and Outcomes


Ensure that all students have access to knowledgeable and respectful advisors

Advisor Outcomes

  • Advisors will participate in on-going professional development and advising education appropriate for the variety of academic advising contexts found on campus.
  • Advisors will have access to technology that supports and enhances advisors’ ability to work with students and each other.
  • Advisors will be professional role models for students, and will communicate effectively and respectfully with them.
  • Academic divisions with advising responsibilities will ensure that students have reliable and consistent access to advisors.

Student Outcomes

  • Students will access academic advisors whenever necessary during their time at UNI.
  • Students will understand their role in the advising relationship, and communicate effectively and respectfully with advisors.

Provide accurate information about university academic requirements, policies, and procedures

Advisor Outcomes

  • Advisors will stay up to date with, and effectively communicate university requirements, policies and procedures.
  • Advisors will have easy access to changes in information relevant to the advising process.
  • Advisors will regularly review their advising resources to ensure that they are accurate and accessible.

‌Student Outcomes

  • Students will know how to access accurate information about requirements, policies, and procedures.
  • Students will be knowledgeable about academic regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Students will understand the curricular requirements for degree completion.



Encourage, support and guide students to take responsibility for meeting their own academic, personal and career goals

Advisor Outcomes

  • Advisors will promote programs for students that introduce them to opportunities for educational and personal growth.
  • Advisors will foster relationships with and refer students to, campus programs, offices and personnel that provide educational and personal growth opportunities.
  • Advisors will challenge and support students to maximize their university experience as a way to achieve their educational, personal and career goals.

Student Outcomes

  • Students will be able to identify fields of study that are consistent with their interests, abilities and career goals.
  • Students will develop and monitor their own plan of study toaccomplish their educational goals.

Support and promote a culture of quality academic advising through advisor education, recognition and reward, and advising program assessment.

Advisor Outcomes

  • The University will sponsor comprehensive programs for professional development activities to develop advising skills.
  • The University will recognize outstanding academic advising with a yearly award.
  • The University will conduct academic advising program assessment with a survey, focus groups and other means deemed appropriate

Student Outcomes

  • Students will nominate advisors for academic advising awards.
  • Students will participate in academic advising program assessment by taking surveys, participating in focus groups and other means deemed appropriate.