Academic Advising Portal

Questions & Considerations for Droping a Course


1. What is the reason(s) for dropping the class?

Course load (number of units for the semester / time demands from work and other activities)

• Success in the course

• Questioning or changing major / university elective

• Personal / health / family reasons

2. What point of the semester is it?

• Can the course be dropped with no record?  With a withdraw (“W”) notation on the student’s transcript?

3. Is it possible to improve their grade in the course?

• Upon what criteria (tests / papers / assignments…) is the final grade based?

• What is the earned grade in the course so far?

• What graded assignments or exams are remaining?

• Will staying in the course impact the achievement in other classes for the semester?

• Have university support resources (The Learning Center / TRIO / Student Accessibility Services) been utilized?

4. What discussions have occurred with the instructor ?
5. What academic requirements and policies need to be considered?

• Is the course meeting a requirement for the Liberal Arts Core? Major? Minor/certificate? University elective?

• Are there specific grade requirements for the course with the major / minor / certificate?

• Is the course required (a pre-requisite) for a future class?

• When is the course offered next (“fall only” or a “spring only” course)?

• Is the course required for admissions into a major?

• What is the academic standing (academic alert or probation) of the student?

• Was this class taken previously (is it being repeated)?

• Will the Financial Aid Academic Progress policy (Satisfactory Academic Progress) be an issue?

6. Does minimum load requirements need to be met for…

Financial Aid / Scholarships

• Health / auto insurance

• Athletic Eligibility

• Visa – International student

• Vocational Rehabilitation

• Veterans Benefits

7. What are the alternatives (if any) after dropping the course?

• Adding a 2nd half semester course?

• Change from graded to credit / no credit option?

• Guided Independent Study course (separate fee applies / does not count towards financial aid)?

• Completing a summer course at UNI or another institution?

• Ask the instructor for an “incomplete” if applicable?

• Complete a Student Request for appropriate reason(s)?