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How do I read a student's Academic Advisement Report?

You can learn more about this with the Advisor Development eLearning Course - Core Module 4

Where can students find a schedule of classes?

Students can find a schedule of classes on the Office of the Registrar's website.

What is a registration hold?

A hold is placed on a student's enrollment so that they cannot register for classes until they take certain necessary actions. There are many different kinds of holds used for different purposes.

What is the purpose of the Liberal Arts Core?

You can learn more about this with the Advisor Development eLearning Course - Core Module 3

What is a Record Analyst?

A Record Analyst advises students on their academic progress toward registration, and ensures that students meet the requirements for graduation. You can find out who a student's record analyst is through the Office of the Registrar.

What classes are offered to students for the Capstone requirement?

You can find which courses are currently being offered to fulfill the Capstone requirement, as well as all of the LAC-eligible courses on the LAC webpage.

How does a student satisfy their Foreign Language requirement for graduation?

In short, students have many different ways to fulfill this requirement. Check out our full answer.

How can students learn more about studying abroad?

They should start by visiting the Study Abroad office online or in person at 028 Gilchrist.

Who is a student's advisor?

Students can find their assigned advisor on the right-hand side of their Student Center. You can also find advisors to contact on our Advising Coordinators & Contacts page.

How does a student add a class? How does a student drop a class?

Good questions--here's more information about adding and dropping courses.

What is a change of registration form (Add/Drop Slip)?

You can find a copy of the change of registration form and more here.

What is a declaration of curriculum form? How does a student declare or change a major, certificate, or minor?

You can find a copy of the declaration of curriculum form and more here.

How does a student calculate their GPA?

They can either use a GPA calculator, or our more in-depth description.

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