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Academic Advising Portal

Advising Contacts

The following is a list of advisors that have volunteered to answer questions from other advisors:

Lori VanHooreweghe


Areas of expertise: UNI Liberal Arts Core, supporting students in academic difficulty,

special student populations, academic success

Lori Van

Linda Reardon-Lowry


Areas of expertise: Biology

Linda Reardon-Lowry

Dave Marchesani


Areas of expertise: Deciding Students, "Major Changers", Academic Advisor Development

Dave Marchesani

Michelle Swanson


Areas of expertise: Music, Music Education, Advising Network

Michelle Swanson

Chad Christopher


Areas of expertise: Secondary Preparation, Social Science, History Education

Chad Christopher

Please visit our Directory of Curricular & Career Information for a more expansive list of contacts.

If you'd like to volunteer to be an advising contact, please let us know.