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Services for Academic Success

  • The Learning Center
    • The Learning Center @ Rod Library (TLC), located on the main floor of Rod Library, is staff by nationally certified peer educators trained to assist students in developing the academic skills necessary to be successful in college and beyond.  You will find students helping students study more effectively, draft essays, expand math skills, prepare for tests, revise papers, develop lab reports, manage student time more effectively, improve reading skills, create a study plan, avoid plagiarism, and so much more!  TLC services are offered free of charge to all currently enrolled students.
  • Examination Services
    • Offers credit by examination, certification exams, entrance exams, and proctoring services
  • Student Assibility Services
    • The role of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is to coordinate services and accommodations for students with disabilities.  They review disability documentation, meet with students to determine appropriate accommodations, and work with other areas on campus to implement accommodations.
  • Counseling Center
    • The Counseling Center provides a variety of couseling services to UNI students.  Enrolled students paying the mandatory health fee are eligible for a free initial assessment and clinical recommendations.  In addition to individual counseling, crisis services, support groups, and peer mental health support opportunities are also available.
  • Student Health Clinic
    • The Student Health Clinic provides a variety of heath services and functions.  The clinic serves as a general medical clinic and provides evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of health concerns.  Routine health exams, illness or injury evaluations, mental health services, and coordination of care for chronic medial issues are some of the services offered.  
  • Student Wellness Services
    • The professional staff, graduate assistants, and wellness ambassadors support students on a wide variety of of health related topics, including the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.  The staff provides students with the opportunity to develop skills, access information and engage in a wellness culture that empowers healthy living and active lifestyles.

Academic Standing

Helping students decide if they should drop courses…

You can help students to think of different consequences and reasons for dropping a course. Ask them questions about their reasons for dropping, and if they have any minimum load requirements or academic requirements to adhere to. The following chart can help you think of questions to ask students.

Deciding whether or not to drop a class flowchart